CLUB 70th Birthday Celebration - Saturday 18th February

  • We are trying to get an indication of possible numbers that may attend so we can arrange a suitable venue.

  • If you are interested and have not already responded, please reply by 19th November 2022 to so we can book a suitable venue.


  • Friday 27th January 2023 at 5.00pm, until Sunday 29th January 2023 at 2:00pm in Nelson

  • The January 2023 National Camp is part of the national squad development programme and forms part of the selection process for representing New Zealand. It is compulsory for those seeking selection to represent New Zealand in 2023. Minimum age is 14 years and Minimum grade is 3 Kyu (Green Belt). Please speak to one of the competition coaches if you would like to attend this training camp

CAM AM JU – 2023 Overseas Development Trip

  • The club is looking to take a team overseas next year to the Queensland International Open. We may need to put together a sub-committee to commit to organizing this trip. The competition is being held in Brisbane - Friday 22 Sep to Sunday 24 Septembe


As we approach 2023, planning is underway for the 70th Anniversary, to be held on the 18th February 2023.

At the moment we are trying to get an indication of possible numbers that may attend so we can arrange a suitable venue.

The plan is to meet at our Dojo ( 66 C Magdala Place ) for an afternoon tea, chit  chat and finger food followed by a meal at a restaurant, where you can choose your own food so you can control your costs.

If you have contact with other members or family, please pass this on to them as getting contact details is difficult nowadays.

If you are interested please reply by the 19th November 2022 to so we can book a suitable venue.

Once everything is finalised you will be sent an invitation.

We look forward to your reply


A great weekend for Can Am Ju at the National Chmaps.

The club finished with 18 Gold, 11 Silver and 13 Bronze.

Not everyone had the best day, but everyone competed well and represented the club well and from a junior coaching perspective – all the coaches were very proud of everyone's effort and attitude.

Gold (18 Gold)

1. Max Spinks – SM U66Kg

2. Thomas Lyall – Cadet Men U50Kg

3. Ollie Parker – Junior Boys U24kg

4. Claudia Snelgar – Senior Woman U63Kg

5. Brooke Armitage – Junior Woman U48Kg

6. Brooke Armitage – Cadet Woman U48Kg

7. Zita Spinks - Junior Woman U70Kg

8. Zita Spinks - Junior Woman Open

9. Loren Edwards – Junior Woman +78Kg

10. Loren Edwards – Cadet Woman +78Kg

11. Emma Edwards – Senior Girls +63Kg

12. Emma Edwards – Senior Girls Open

13. Maia Dill-Russell – Junior Girls U24Kg

14. Bella Jones – Junior Girls U28Kg

15. Elsa Cooper – Junior Girls U36Kg

16. Chris Hall - Male Veterans 40-49yrs U90Kg

17. Alton Cooper - Male Veterans 40-49yrs +90Kg

18. David Cairns - Male Veterans 60+yrs +90Kg

Silver (11)

1. Alfie McLean Senior Boys U45Kg

2. Sam Hall – Senior Boys U50Kg

3. Donte Tekii – Senior Boys U60Kg

4. Josh Snelgar – Senior Boys U66kg

5. Loren Edwards – Senior Woman +78Kg

6. Loren Edwards – - Junior Woman Open

7. Brooke Armitage – Cadet Woman U52Kg

8. Claudia Snelgar – Junior Woman U63Kg

9. Hebe Moore – Cadet Woman U63Kg

10. Alvin Tan – Male Veterans 40-49yrs U81Kg

11. Alvin Tan - Male Veterans 40-49yrs Open

Bronze (13)

1. Chris Hall – SM U90Kg

2. Liam NcKenzie – Cadet Men U66Kg

3. Sebastian Wong Senior Boys U45Kg

4. Oliver Sooper – Senior Boys +66Kg

5. Max Dill-Russell – Junior Boys U36Kg

6. Zita Spinks – Senior Woman U70Kg

7. Loren Edwards – Senior Woman Open

8. Claudia Snelgar – Cadet Woman U63Kg

9. Hebe Moore – Cadet Woman Open

10. Holly White – Junior Girls U28Kg

11. Elsa Cooper – Junior Girls Open

12. Max Rusch – Male Veterans 30-39yrs U81Kg

13. Alton Cooper - Male Veterans 40-49yrs Open


Regarding Covid please remember:

• We ask that if you are feeling unwell to stay away from Judo

Our COVID plan goes into much more detail than the above explanation but if we all stick to the basics then we can enjoy our martial art. 🥋.

JUDO the Martial Art (Kodokan)

JUDO for self defence (Goshin Jujitsu)

JUDO for sport (IJF)