To become a member you need to complete an application form that includes the following declaration:


As a member of this club, I shall:

          -    Obey the rules and never argue with an official

          -    Co-operate with my coach, club-mates, and officials

          -    Treat all club-mates as I would want to be treated

          -    Always let good sportsmanship be my guide

          -    Contribute to the development of myself, my club-mates, and club wherever I can

          -    Be on time, and ensure that my judogi and myself are clean.

Parent/Guardian signs the declaration for those under 18 years of age.


  • A telephone apology for non-attendance is always appreciated.
  • Always wear something on your feet as you cross the car parking area.
  • No jewellery (earrings, watches, bracelets, friendship bracelets, necklaces, or tongue-studs) is to be worn on the mat. If ears have just been pierced with a stud or sleeper that must be kept in, they must have a piece of tape/plaster over the top to secure and cover them.
  • Always do a standing bow as you walk onto or off the mat area.
  • Do not under any circumstances, use bad, abusive or offensive language anywhere in the dojo.
  • If leaving the mat during any class, permission must be obtained from the class instructor. You should also, for hygiene reasons, wear footwear while going to either the kitchen or the changing room.
  • If for any reason you wish to share the mat area with a regular class to do independent training, it is polite to ask the instructor of that class if they mind.
  • Noise from all parents/observers should be kept to a minimum so as not to distract the class participants or instructors.


  • All judoka must bring their own drink bottles to judo with them. 
  • Always check the length of your fingernails and toenails to ensure that they cannot scratch either yourself or your partner.
  • Due to the cost of products all senior judoka should have their own first aid kit – at the bare minimum, strapping tape, sticking plasters and cotton wool. Juniors should also have ready access to sticking plasters for minor injuries.
  • Any bleeding fingers, toes or other body parts must be covered – not only for obvious health reasons but also as a courtesy to avoid bleeding on other player’s judogi. Any blood spill on the mat should immediately cleaned with bleach. Judogis should be immediately spot-bleached as a blood borne viruses (e.g. Hepatitis C) can live in dried blood for up to two months. They should then be washed as soon as possible.

Regarding Covid please remember:

- If you have had a positive Covid test even if you are feeling well you must stay away from the club until your isolation period has ended and you have tested negative.

- If you are feeling unwell in any way (eg, even a runny nose) please stay away from Judo

We would like to thank you in anticipation for observing the required etiquette/protocol as mentioned above!